Our Leadership/Staff 

The leadership of Greater Compassion Ministries has spent many years committed to Christian service. Our staff enjoys serving our community, whether in sharing our faith or just lending a helping hand. Here are a few of Greater Compassion Ministries staff members:

Bishop John Keith Vincent, M.B.A.  



is the founder of Greater Compassion Ministries, an inter-denominational fellowship that promulgates the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and demonstration. He is also the  founder and prelate of the United Fellowship Alliance of Ministries which is a fellowship of churches that promote unity throughout the body of Christ. He is native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, reared in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. The Late Bishop L.W. Davis of the Church of God Pentecostal Inc. was his early childhood pastor in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Later, he moved with his parents to Oklahoma where his father, the Late Bishop John Vincent Jr & Lady Barbara Vincent began a ministry. He served along with his parent's ministry, Fellowship Church Ministries Int'l, faithfully for over 30 years.

During that time, he was able to learn and develop in ministry by serving in various capacities, such as minister of music, worship leader, youth pastor, senior church administrator, ministry of helps and assistant pastor to his father. He also attended the prestigious Oral Roberts University where he earned a B.S. in Mass Communications as well as concentrated studies in religion, biblical history, foundations of faith, and humanities. He later earned  a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Phoenix.  Upon relocating to Nashville, TN with his wife, First Lady Nicola Vincent and their three children,(Nicholas, Jonathan, and Nasyia), he continued to expand his music ministry along with the vision of Greater Compassion Ministries.  This family carries the anointing transmitted to them through outstanding leadership and exposure. 

Pastor J. Keith Vincent is a prolific songwriter and anointed recording artist (Majestic Praise Music Group)) who has worked with various renown gospel artist. . In addition to the music and ministry, Pastor Vincent is a businessman, an active and passionate leader in his community, having worked with mayors, city council officials, and other community leaders to enhance the quality of life for everyone! Pastor Vincent is also the president and founder of Greater Compassion Community initiatives, an extension of Greater Compassion Ministries, and a 501c3 public charity that partners with other organizations in community for the betterment of society.  Bishop Vincent was duly consecrated to the office of Bishop and Apostleship on November 26, 2018 in Nashville TN.  He is the presiding overseer of the United Felllowship Alliance of Ministries (U.F.A.M.) Ultimately, his desire is to see people saved, delivered, and set free from the power of sin. 

Our Pastor can be reached via E-mail or please feel free to contact us through our contact form.


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