History of Our Church

    The inception of Greater Compassion Ministries (GCM) goes back to the late 90's when the Lord    had given to  then youth Pastor (Elder J. Keith Vincent) a vision of many saints within the body of Christ that were suffering from deep-rooted hurt within the church. It was later that God began to reveal to Pastor Vincent that many in the body of Christ are "wounded worshipers" that have been wounded by other members (saints) of the same body of Christ. The Lord also began to show him how there was a great need for compassion (MERCY) for the people of God, and how His love has to be expressed in a greater degree, just like Jesus did in Matthew 9:36, the bible says, that he was “moved with compassion because the people fainted", thus the ministry of Greater Compassion was being birthed. Pastor Vincent recalled the scripture in John 14:12b where Jesus said, "and greater works shall you do because I go to my Father." This is how the name of the ministry was conceived .

In December of 2005, after faithfully serving with his parents, the late Bishop John & Elect Lady Barbara Vincent for over 30 years (since his youth), Pastor Vincent relocated his family to Nashville, TN as he was seeking opportunity to develop and expand his musical aspirations. Being led of the Holy Spirit, in 2006, he and his family joined under watch-care the Catherdral of Praise COGIC ministry, sharing their ministry gifts, talents, and support wherever needed under the leadership of Bishop Jerry L. Maynard Sr.  It was the following year that Pastor Keith entered the studio once again to record a musical CD project (2007) which was later released on a national level, entitled "POP2 Highly Favored".  God had blessed Pastor Keith to sign a national distribution with ECI (Edmondson Communications Inc), and he was making preparation for some touring and promoting of this new project. However, just before the official release date of the new CD project, Pastor Vincent was involved in a serious car accident in which he sustained injury, had an operation, and went through a period of rehabilitation, placing the cd project on "temporary hold".  These were some very difficult times for the Vincent family, yet and still they trusted God for provision and for "His" purpose to be fulfilled. It was in the fall of 2008, while recovering from the accident injuries that Pastor Vincent was inspired by God to began having family bible study and worship in the home. During this time the family started meeting regularly on Wednesday's, and later conducting services on Sunday mornings. News spread throughout the neighborhood and different people would come through and visit. During this time, several lives were touched and uplifted. As Pastor Vincent was led of God, the vision that was given to him in prior years was now unfolding.  The Lord took what was a tragic event and turned it into a triumphant victory!

In January 2009, Pastor Vincent and his family stepped out in faith and commenced the beginning of Greater Compassion Ministries! They faithfully had services in their home while still maintaining watch-care at the Cathedral of Praise church. Pastor Vincent recalls the Lord speaking to him saying "Before you can effectively pastor other people, you must first effectively pastor your family." Although a very humbling beginning, the Lord was preparing this family for something great!

In July of 2011, the Lord blessed the ministry to acquire through lease a new worship facility to better project the ministry and services to the community. On September 3, 2011, Pastor and First Lady Vincent were officially installed as Senior Pastor by his Spiritual Mentor and father Bishop John Vincent Jr of the Fellowship Church Ministries Int'l, Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with Pastor Andrew Jackson Sr. of the Faith Temple Church Ministries, Memphis, TN, and a host of many pastor's, saints and friends from various states and cities. The ministry of Greater Compassion is an expression of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

History of our ministry continues... 

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