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Identity Crisis: The Debilitating Disease of the Church

Whenever a person allows their spiritual identity to be compromised, it immediately opens a door for them to be victimized, controlled, and manipulated by others, blurring the lines of their spiritual identity. Oftentimes, perpetrators have hidden motives and agendas in order to gain access to the hearts, minds, and even possessions of the vulnerable and unsuspecting.Sadly, too many have been victimized by impostors in the church. These impostors have disguised their identity in the name of religion, using their influence, titles, and positions of authority to fleece the people of God.The church has been under a cloud of great scrutiny for many decades because of the indiscretions and improprieties of leadership. This book will examine, explore, and expose a dangerous indoctrination and help to elevate our affinity back to our true spiritual Father.

--Bishop John K. Vincent

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